My joy in life is to teach, to train, to coach, to consult – 
helping others to learn and move themselves forward in 
realizing their personal and professional goals.”

Insights that inspire.

Consulting, coaching, teaching & training.
There is nothing quite as magical as the look in a student’s eyes as they share an answer, an idea – the enthusiasm is palpable – you know as a teacher that something has shifted – been ignited, and suddenly the day has meaning. And so does your work.

RPK Insight lives for these moments whether the student is a fifth grader, a high schooler, or an adult learner – a fellow educator, an administrator, a colleague, or a Head of School.

RPK thrives in teaching, training, coaching, and consulting – helping others learn and realize their personal and professional goals.

I love working with people asking tough questions, sharing a laugh, and, yes, responding to vulnerable moments with kindness and confidence. We can do this!
“You have been tremendous, and I can’t put into words all the positive things you did for the Vancouver community. You helped us at a critical time when things were very, very in flux and uncertain and for that, I will always be grateful. You were calm, determined, and optimistic right when we needed it most.” 
Board Member, Vancouver Hebrew Academy

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"It was truly an honor working for you as a member of the leadership team at Seattle Hebrew Academy. Your dedication and leadership combined with your professional warmth and humor provided motivation to all of us around you in an inspirational manner. "

— Dave Pruitt
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