Consulting & Coaching Services.

Working with Schools to support Heads of School, administration, and teachers to become their best selves in what they do and how they do it.

The voice from the outside is powerful. As mentor, coach, or consultant it is my goal to open people’s mind to new ideas, ways of doing work, and finding creative solutions. We work with organizations on

— Strategic Plans
— Board Development
— Organizational visioning
— Launching a fund-raising campaign
— Getting teams to work better together
— One-on-one coaching

RPK Insight would love to help your organization meet and exceed your goals, work well together, and for each person to become their best self.

The difference between consulting,  coaching & mentoring.



  • Works with more than one person often in a team or board
  • Delivers on projects for specific deliverables
  • Gathers data, reports and provides expertise
  • Project based
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  • Coaches one-to-one basis, possibly several staff people
  • Supports individuals' goals uses clients' strengths helping them to change
  • Offers relationship expertise attention to interpersonal undercurrents
  • Often ongoing engagement
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  • Development driven
  • Honing specific skills
  • Looking not just at the professional's current
    job function but beyond
  • A more holistic approach to career development
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"You have been tremendous, and I can't put into words all the positive things you did for the Vancouver community. You helped us at a critical time when things were very in flux and uncertain, and I will always be grateful. You were calm, determined, and optimistic when we needed it most. I look forward to the next time our paths intersect again."
— Board Member, Vancouver Hebrew Academy
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