Speaking Opportunities.

Rivy has presented in over 30 cities and is often asked to return! She often talks from the pulpit and podium, open audience engagement with interactive learning, or both! Subjects include Jewish thought, Women in Judaism, education, Mussar, text study, hands-on teacher training, or inspirational spiritual approaches.

Whether you are looking for a single event or a Shabbaton, a program for lay people, leaders, or educators, Rivy offers a full range of topics and is open to partnering with you to determine a suitable, engaging, and relevant subject that will meet the moment and enrich your community.

Please be in touch with Rivy about visiting your community to arrange a guest speaker appearance, or scholar-in-residence experience. Topics samples include Midrash 101, The Mussar that Can Change Your Life, Text Study, All of Torah On One Foot-Getting to Know the 24 Books of the TaNaCh, and The Jewish Book Shelf-An Overview of the Key Jewish Books through the Ages – and most anything Jewish!

Issue Based

Addressing Antisemitism as Jews
Parenting with a Torah Lens
Should schools take students to Poland? To Israel?
School vs. Home – What truly Makes the Difference?

Study Based

Midrash 101 – How to Read Midrash
Unpacking Pirke Avoth
Mussar for the Uninitiated
All of Torah on One Foot – Yes, All 24 Books!

Calendar Based

Yizkor – A Deeper Understanding
Judith – The Real Hero of Chanukah?
Esther – Four Compelling Readings
Planning the Perfect Seder

For Educators

Teaching Tanach
Using Mussar in the Classroom
The Role of the Teacher
Jewish Take on Early Learning

Guest Lecturer - Inspiring Speaker

Synagogue Scholar in Residence
Institutional or Leadership Coach – Ongoing or Task Driven
Educational / Teacher Coaching

Storyteller for the Young or Young at Heart
Sharing Stories and their Power
Insights that Inspire

Start a conversation with Rivy Today!

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach."--Albert Einstein. Rivy's example to our community has enriched Jewish education and strengthened our community. Thank you for immeasurable contributions to the Jewish future in Seattle."

— David Chivo
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